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Joolz Earth collection

Little can top a walk in the country: steering your stroller with one hand, a coffee-to-go in the other. You won’t be beaten by a sleepless night. Deep in the woods or a stroll in the park: you can embrace the beauty of our world with the Joolz Earth collection. That will keep you completely zzzzzen.

The Joolz Earth collection is available in four colors: Parrot blue, Hippo grey, Elephant grey and Camel beige.

Matching accessories

The Joolz Earth collection has matching accessories in the Joolz Earth colors, like the Joolz footmuff. The Joolz footmuff keeps your child warm during cold days and wintertime. Designed with a soft inner lining for extra comfort. The diaper bag and umbrella are also available in the Joolz Earth colors.

Accessorize your Joolz Geo² Earth

Joolz Earth details

The Joolz Earth collection has a brown leatherette handle and bumper bar, a silver chassis and black wheels. The inner lining comes in grey melange.